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What is Cloud Voice, and is It Right for you?

By now, we are all familiar with VoIP and how it allows our voice traffic to ride over the same network as our data traffic. Since 2004 PremCom has been a provider of VoIP phone systems in the area selling mainly on-premise phone systems. About five years ago, PremCom made the jump to Hosted or Cloud Voice phone systems and began providing them for our customers. PremCom has also made the switch to a Cloud Voice phone system in our office!

What is Cloud Voice?

Hosted or "Cloud" phone systems are a way to escape all the equipment needed to run a phone system in your office. You no longer need a server or any other equipment in your office for your phone system to work. The only equipment that is actually at your office are the phones themselves.


When you move to Cloud Voice, you no longer need to pay for carrier voice circuits. Instead of paying a monthly fee to your local carrier for voice circuits, you now pay your hosted provider a set rate every month to host your equipment as well as your phone numbers. With a Cloud Voice, your voice traffic now utilizes your existing Internet provider.


With Cloud Voice, you no longer have big upfront costs as you do when you purchase a phone system. We can now pay as we go, no worries about obsolete equipment and features are continually updated to make your system evergreen.

Why Switch to Cloud Voice?

In a nutshell, we have discussed what Cloud Voice is, but you might be asking, "is it right for me?" or "Why should I switch?" Here are some reasons that switching to a Cloud Voice might be a good move for your company.

Large Phone Bill

If you have a large phone bill or are paying big money to your local provider, you can save money by switching to a Cloud Voice. A Cloud Voice system replaces your monthly phone bill in most cases at a lower cost. PremCom does a 3-5 year cost analysis of your current system and carrier costs. You'll see precisely how you can benefit from Cloud Voice; in most cases, you can see a substantial savings and feature benefit.

Equipment/Software Upgrades

Sick of going through upgrades to your phone system? It seems like every 3-5 years; we are replacing a server or appliance in our office. In the IT field, we know that almost as soon as we buy something, it becomes antiquated. When you switch to a Cloud Voice, it becomes the hosted provider's job to keep up with updates and upgrades. This means that you will no longer have to worry about upgrading your phone system. You will always be on the latest and greatest version of your system. You are no longer investing in hardware and software!


Because your phone system is now hosted in the cloud, your phone now goes where you go! Desktop/mobile phone applications now make it even easier to stay connected to your customers. Along with these applications comes new features such as chat/IM, call pull, private conference rooms and chat rooms, and more. Because of the improvements to these applications in the last 5 years, it is becoming obvious that the need for a desk phone is becoming less and less every day. 

Small Office

Are you in a small office environment? Or are you just starting your company? For some of these companies, it does not make sense to invest thousands of dollars into a hardware-based phone system. This is where a monthly payment makes sense instead of an upfront investment, and with Cloud Voice, you can now add users as your company grows.

What Cloud Voice Provider is right for you?

Let us be your guide, there are many providers out there, and we've partnered with the best! PremCom has always prided itself on providing VoIP systems that increase your productivity and positively affects your bottom line. We've brought that same expertise to the table in delivering Cloud Voice solutions; not all Cloud providers are created equal, let us show you the solution that's right for your business.

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