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VoIP On-Premise Phone Systems are Still Alive!

With the popularity of Cloud Voice phone systems rising, you might think that “the old” On-Premise Phone Systems (On-Prem) are dying off. This is not the case! As a provider of both On-Prem and Cloud Voice phone systems, PremCom has found that there is still a significant need for on-site systems in the world today.  

The Recent Popularity of "The Cloud"

With the emergence of Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and other hosted products, people have started to adopt the same Op. Ex. Model when it comes to their phone systems. And this is great for some companies!


In a lot of cases, it makes sense to pay a monthly set price for your phone systems instead of making an upfront purchase of a new system. But what happens when you have a large number of phones that are hardly used? Do you really want to pay monthly for phones you are not using?


In some cases, the benefits of the cloud to not out way the costs. Here are some examples…

When an On-Premise Phone System May Be Right for You



1.    A large number of phones that are not typically in use


In these cases, it would cost a fortune for some organizations to pay monthly for a Cloud Phone System. One recent area PremCom has seen this is in Schools. Because of safety regulations, it can be required for every classroom to have a phone. These phones are rarely used and would not make sense to pay monthly for them. In these cases, schools are better off purchasing a phone system outright.


2.    Low phone bill


Let me lay out a situation for you… You own a manufacturing plant that has a small number of offices. Most of the building is devoted to making what you sell. You do, however, need phones all around your plant, but again, these phones are not used frequently. You currently pay $200 a month for 7 phone lines, which is plenty since you do not handle a ton of calls each day.


Now let’s say your old phone system is breaking down, and you need to make a decision between a Cloud or On-Premise phone system. To purchase a Cloud Phone system for 60 employees, it may cost you $1,500 a month! That is over $50,000 over a 3-year period!


To purchase an On-Premise phone system for 60 employees may cost you $30,000 upfront. Of course, you will have to keep paying your $200 phone bill each month, but the price is still way under what you will pay for Cloud Voice.


Let Us Help You

Are you having trouble deciding between Cloud or On-Premise Voice? Every companies case is different. At PremCom, we make it our job to show you the best of both worlds so that you can make the decision that is right for your business. Give us a call so we can help!

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