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Unified Communications


How We Communicate Today

Business phone systems hardly changed after they were introduced in the 1950s: an on-location PBX managed multiple phone lines and routed calls. Sure, there were technical advances and add-on services enhanced performance, but communication was basically limited to voice.

Today, however, there are countless ways to email, text, buddy, share, video chat, conference—and place a call. This brings tremendous advantage by increasing the speed of business. But it also spawns equally tremendous complexity. How can IT departments keep up with administering and securing a multitude of applications? Fortunately, there's a better way.

ShoreTel Makes Unified Communications Easy

Enter ShoreTel. We build phone systems with unified communications (UC) built in, not bolted on. This means that we integrate all the key components for robust business communications—voice, email, instant messaging, presence (i.e., being able to check the availability of a co-worker), calendaring, video and audio conferencing and desktop sharing—into one seamless package.

ShoreTel is that company. Our UC solutions eliminate communications complexity for both end users and system administrators. We "purpose-built" our VoIP business phone solution to ensure that all components worked with minimal configuration and maximum flexibility, to relieve IT departments (and their budgets) of the cumbersome, complicated and redundant tasks required by systems from other vendors.

Truly Unified Means Multi-Site And Mobile

It's one thing to offer unified communications inside an office. Where ShoreTel shines is in our ability to extend this communications suite across campuses, into remote locations, and even into home offices. We have two unique platforms—the signature distributed architecture of our onsite ShoreTel Premises and our fully hosted and managed cloud service, ShoreTel Sky—and both are ideally suited for companies that have multiple locations or that need to scale. You never have to worry about out-growing a ShoreTel phone system. You never face a forklift upgrade with us.

Truly unified also means fully functioning desktop features on the mobile devices you love. Whether using a smartphone, a tablet or wearable device (like the Apple Watch), you and your employees deserve the ability to BYOD—that's bring your own device—and use it to transfer calls, host web share sessions, video chat, check co-worker availability and more.

Truly Unified Means Application Integration

Unifying communications means blurring the lines that separate your business processes. By introducing phone system functionality and metrics into applications that track and measure contacts—like customer relationship management software (CRM), applicant tracking systems (ATS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cost accounting programs—you open doors to better management.

When the systems are fused together, each becomes more powerful, employees become more productive and better business intelligence starts to emerge. "What's measured improves," and your ShoreTel phone system can play a role in optimizing staffing levels, evaluating employee performance, analyzing marketing spend and understanding customer behavior. Just like with mobile devices, it is not what your phone system does that makes it “smart,” it’s what it knows.

Making Teamwork Easier


In today’s anytime-anywhere workplace, putting powerful business communication and collaboration tools in the hands of the workforce is essential to staying competitive. Easy to deploy, and intuitive to use, ShoreTel phone systems harness the power and flexibility of our brilliantly simple technologies to deliver full-featured collaboration tools – including instant messaging, reservationless audio conferencing, and multi-presenter desktop sharing.

Stay Connected Everywhere. Always.


The phenomenal growth of mobile communications offers businesses tremendous advantages. Make sure your company offers your mobile workers the flexibility they crave while giving your IT staff the control they require. ShoreTel Mobility enables businesses of all sizes to integrate their employees’ favorite smartphones and tablets with their existing phone system?securely, simply, and cost-effectively. Employees can BYOD (bring your own device) and stay connected from any location around the world on any network— Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or cellular— while keeping business and personal calls completely separate.

Making Every Contact Count

Contact Center

No matter what size your business, you know that customer satisfaction is tied to repeat business and your company’s reputation. Personalizing your service opens the opportunity to upsell and cross sell, and having staff available at the times your customers want to reach you can earn loyalty. The right contact center can make it easy to optimize your resources, improve response times, route calls effectively, and access account data—so customers feel valued and trust your brand.