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Premise Voice

Deciding To Install a New Onsite Phone System May "Buck The Trend" of Cloud Deployments, But There Are Strategic Reasons To Consider It.

Onsite As A Strategic Choice

When considering a new business phone system, your company has more options than ever. Here are a few things to consider about on-premises communications platforms.

First, what's your current situation? Are you connecting your phones to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with a legacy, analog system like TDM? If you are, you'll find immediate cost savings by making a change to voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service delivery. You could consider a hosted cloud PBX solution, or you can consider switching to a VoIP trunk and retaining full operational management and control of your service.

Why Choose an Onsite Phone System

When local control is essential, ShoreTel is the smart choice.

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Do you have IT resources at hand?


If they're accustomed to managing and maintaining an onsite communications system (whether TDM or IP), they may want to consider managing the service in-house. Some companies are required to control their own data for security or privacy reasons, so an onsite phone system is right for them. Other companies simply feel more comfortable knowing that they are in control of all maintenance, management, and upgrades.

Your company is a good candidate for an onsite business phone solution if you are already running your own data center. With the growth of virtualization, more and more businesses have eliminated redundant and expensive servers and instead rely on VMware and Hyper-V technologies to share hardware resources across an array of applications.

Deploying a virtualized communications platform on your industry-standard x86 servers makes good sense and increases your data center ROI. With MiTel, companies that have multiple locations across wide distances can even "mix and match" their onsite deployments, putting the virtual phone system at their headquarters while utilizing fail-safe, solid state ShoreTel voice switch appliances in field offices.

Find the right phone system fast

From selecting the system that’s right for you to justifying the capital investment needed to make it happen, it’s enough to make you want to go back to tin cans and string. These resources make it easier to find the system that’s right for you.

How Can We Help You?

You’ll benefit from our 20 years experience providing solutions to a mid to large size enterprise in a variety of industries. We’ve literally seen it all, from the inception of the Internet to today’s trends in Cloud Computing. All along the way we helped our clients make sense of the changes in technology and the impact that has on their business.

IP Phone Systems

Tired of managing multiple vendors and dial plans, complicated phone system protocols, or restrictive network solutions? Want a business phone system that “just works,” no matter your size, industry or need? ShoreTel IP business phone systems are designed from the ground up to streamline the work of administrators and end users alike.

Unified Communications

Integrated, “complexity-free” voice, messaging, conferencing, video and web sharing. ShoreTel phone systems with unified communications (UC) built in, not bolted on. Our UC solutions eliminate communications complexity for both end users and system administrators.