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About us

25 Years Went By Like a Blink of an Eye...

It’s been 25 years, in 1992 we started to conceptualize our vision for PremCom. We saw an opportunity to take data and voice communication services to another level. We were trying to look into the future and provide technology services that would benefit businesses, services that they didn’t know they needed.

PremCom stands for Premise Communications, the name itself seems prophetic in 1992 there was no Internet and definitely Dot Com was not part of the vernacular. We made it a point to stay ahead of the technology curve along the way, but none of us could have imagined where technology would be today! There are a whole list of words that can define the difference in the technology from our beginnings to today – better, faster, instant, mobile, connected, powerful and life changing.

These past two plus decades have been filled with a tremendous amount of satisfaction. We have built great relationships with the local community, developed a business that we are quite proud of along side a great team of dedicated individuals. We have had a great ride and enjoy what we are doing today as much as we did 25 years ago!

As always thanks to our clients for their support.


Peter Proulx, CEO – Founder

We're a Team That Loves What We Do

Our Mission

PremCom is a leading provider of communication and network services. We encourage our employees to pursue their passion for technology by focusing on helping clients improve business process. Our core principals are client satisfaction, creativity and integrity. We are committed to providing unique and creative solutions, using best of breed products aligned with our core principles.
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Executive Team

Pete Proulx



Don Irving Jr.



Joe Griffo

Executive Vice President


Suzanne Croisdale

VP Sales

20 Years